• The Sudbury Devil

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    In the late 17th century, two Puritan witch hunters travel to a small Massachusetts town investigating rumors of devil worship, and are irrevocably transformed by the ungodly forces they encounter.

    Includes a making-of documentary, a premiere night Q&A, and three audio commentaries.

    1 hr 30 min...

  • Alien, Baby!

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    Ancient aliens, Nazi warlocks, shadowy government agents and cannibal fast food joints are all part of the campy fun in this tale of a shovel salesman impregnated by a god-like extraterrestrial.

    Includes a making-of documentary, outtakes, and deleted scenes.

    57 min • Black & White • 4x3 • Unrated

  • In The Wildwood

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    Ominous sounds are heard over the city of New Orleans, and people go missing. When they return, they are not the same.

    42 min • Color • 2.35:1 • Unrated